Next Event: January 2012

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Visualization is increasingly popular in different industries. Who can still keep up with an ever increasing number of tools and techniques? And who’d say, that he or she truly excels in this field, mastering the entire process from data acquisition and scrubbing to „telling stories with data“?

DESIGN MEETS DATA is a bi-monthly meet-up, bringing together people from different backgrounds who are venturing into visualization (from Design, Coding, Journalism, Science, etc.).

A place where you can

  • see what the local community is up to,
  • get to know people with complementary skills,
  • find people to talk to, when you get stuck with a project,
  • exchange painful lessons learned and nifty tricks.

In demeda on 12. Juli 2011 at 11:54


Our next event will take place in January 2012.

Got a dataset you’d like to visualize / see visualized?! Would you like to receive feedback on a project in the making? Need help from the crowd? Drop me a line.


Check out the pictures of the last three events: on Nov 15 (Julian, Florian and Jeremias, FHP) on Sept 6th (Paul Blickle, ZEIT ONLINE) and Mai 11th (Chistian Derix, Aedas R&D).

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The event is free, but by invitation only. Please register here, to grab one of the limited seats.

If you’ve got any questions or want to get involved, drop a line.


  • January 2012 (TBC)
  • 18.00 doors open
  • 18.30pm – 20.30pm


Fjord Office’s Kitchen, Friedrichstraße 210, 2.OG, At Checkpoint Charlie, 10969 Berlin