Next Event: January 2012


DESIGN MEETS DATA is an effort to establish an informal, bi-monthly „support group“ for (data)visualization aficionados and practitioners here in Berlin, bringing together people from different backgrounds who are venturing into this vast field (coming from Design, Coding, Journalism, Science, etc.) DeMeDa is conceived as an experimental kitchen to cook up new recipes and ideas between these disciplines and more specific local communities (like Digital Humanities, Processing BerlinDatenjournalismus Meetup, Open Data Network, etc.).

This meetup is initiated by Margit Beutler, who has a background in Communication and Innovationmanagement, recently got her feet wet visualizing e.g. hunting stats, works as a consultant in Science Communication.

Eleanor Davis, Manuel Grossmann (both FJORD) and Christian Behrens ( joined to shape and organize the event, which is generously hosted by Digital design consultancy FJORD.


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