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The event on July 5th especially catered people interested in exploratory visualization, generative design, architecture, urban planning and product design. 

We were honored to welcome Christian Derix, Head of the Computational Research and Design group of Aedas Architects as our speaker. He was accompanied by two of his colleagues, Lucy Helme and Åsmund Gamlesæter. Christian ran trough a selection of his recent projects. His presentation generated a critical and lively discussion along the way, highly appreciated by the crowd.

After the break, Rachel was one in 5 to pitch her project at the half-baked session. She was looking for some help visualizing data of her PhD-project and brought along a few sketches. Her feedback: „The spontaneous half-baked session was great. I was amazed that people actually approached me to talk about my project… And even more amazed that Timo grabbed my laptop and started java scripting and downloading plugins and code. I came away with a much clearer idea of how to proceed and now know a few people who I can contact for help with the project… So for me it was fab!„.

Here, you’ll find some pictures of the event.

DATAJOURNALISM – may 11th 2011

Grimme-Online-Award Nominee, Michael Kreil, showed us the code (and sweat) he poured into the Tell-All-Phone Visualization. After a brief discussion, „is data journalism?“ (check out Ashleys reply), our 30 participants started to mingle, some staying long after the „official end“ of the event.

The overall feedback was positive: It was a great occasion to look beyond one’s own nose (and a good occasion to have a beer). Yet, we all agreed: We have to follow up from there. To make this interdisciplinary platform really work, we’d have to provide more structure, is what you said.

So, four of us, Eleanor Davis, Manuel Grossmann (of Fjord), Christian Behrens ( and myself sat down together and reshaped the format.

OPEN- & LINKED-DATA november 29th 2010

The first DESIGN MEETS DATA was all about the latter: Data… and Glühwein. Georgi Kobilarov, co-founder of DBpedia, organizer of the Web of Data Meetup London and last but not least founder of uberblic (a data-integration API) talked about his „tenacious baby“ linked data. He was followed by Friedrich Lindenberg, one of Germanys pioneers in the field of open data. The founding member of the Open Data Network, OKFN Germany, etc. showed, how he puts the ever more popular concept into practice: Building applications, like OffenerBundeshaushalt, helping citizens (and sometimes politicians) to better understand politics (You’ll find his slides here).


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